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I’m a game designer whose work centers on building a cheekier, more humanistic relationship with ourselves, each other and the world at large. By way of renewal, I’ve just completed my studies in Interactive Media and Game Design at the University of Southern California. Previously, I’ve held positions at Riot Games, 2K Games, Electronic Arts where I’ve honed my skills in community management, product management, and cinematic design. I live in Los Angeles and am excited about new opportunities to leverage my expertise in these areas.


Game Design

My work aims to leverage play, community, and reflection to foster civil conversations, promote mindfulness, bring attention to social issues, and build more humanistic connections through interactive media. Much of this work was developed during my time in the Interactive Media program at the University of Southern California.




Oodee’s Passion




My Future Self




Tofu Tower (トウフタワー)

Community Management

With extensive experience in community management and a proven track record at Riot Games, I have successfully identified, developed, and launched strategic initiatives that engaged and connected the gaming community. My work included creating an original web series, a portfolio of branded content, and an influencer program, resulting in over 100 million minutes watched and significant improvements in player sentiment. I am passionate about competitive gaming and skilled in aligning community philosophy with company strategy, ensuring effective player engagement and support.

‘League Community’ Channel Trailer highlighting original content, community collaborations and more.

‘League Community’ Channel Trailer highlighting original content, community collaborations and more.

Game Credits

League of Legends

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Saboteur

Mercenaries 2: The World in Flames

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Manager, NA Community Content

Lead Cinematic Designer

Cinematic Designer

Tech Artist

Tech Artist **



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Game Logics + Ludic Viewership

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Unity DOTS Exploration


Model Professor (Short Film)

Squarecast (Podcast)

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